Harvest: The database
abstraction layer
For SQL scalability, automated sharding and built-in map/reduce

Beta version 0.6.4
mysql database sharding

Easy Sharding

Harvest makes SQL sharding easy, with load-balanced insertion queries and built-in map/reduce for extracting your big data


Horizontal Scalability

When it comes to scaling, Harvest will save you weeks MONTHS of development time. Never worry about implementing scaling techniques into your application logic.



Harvest understands your favorite query language!


Fast Deployment

Easily deploy & grow your infrastructure. Get started or see our documentation tutorials

Getting started with Harvest

Harvest is easy to deploy, use, and manage.

You'll need at least one server to run Harvest db. You'll also need servers to run the underlying nodes. For testing, you could deploy Harvest and a node on the same server.
  1. Sign up and create your license key
  2. Download Harvest db
  3. Download your license certificate
  4. Install Harvest
  5. Setup your nodes
  6. Start querying!
Need Help installing? View our full step-by-step guide
Pricing that scales to your needs

Harvest is free for up to 2 nodes, and scales at $300/node per year

 Deploy in your network
 Free up to 2 nodes
 Expand capacity at $300/node/year
 Email support
Need more than 10 nodes? Contact us
In Production
Harvest powers Humbug Telecom Labs' real-time telecom analytics and fraud detection engines
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Next Steps...


Harvest db - Beta Release
Harvest is now available for beta download
Benchmark Tests
Coming soon